“Why are you downcast, my soul? Hope in the Lord.”

My dear soul,

Why are you worried?

This is not the time to be cast down. I see you as an overcome.

Why consider their point of view? It’s significant. Instead, hold fast to your faith.

Why ignore all your achievements? You have come so far! Why not make a list of them? Keep focusing on them. You are not a failure.

Why not prioritize self-care more? Dedicate time to yourself. Indulge in your hobbies. Take a walk.

Have you observed a carefree bird? They never worry. Look at them. Birds are worry-free. Why worry about yourself?

Reflect on your family. Why not express gratitude to God for them? Think of the many orphans and widows.

Have you taken the time to watch a movie starring your favorite actor? If not, indulge in one.

Avoid comparing yourself to others. It’s a futile exercise.

Plan a vacation. Spend time by yourself or with friends.

Why are you feeling down, my soul? Put your hope in the Lord. He will make everything right.

Once again, remember that you are amazing. You are unique. You are fortunate.”


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