Those who kill inspiration in others are worse than murderers.

Innocent killer by Titus

What killed my inspiration and zeal?

You know, life is a series of ups and downs.
It’s not surprising that life is not a bed of roses. But it’s sad to see, when someone steals your zeal and inspiration again and again.
It’s disgusting!!
No one must not do that. It’s a worse crime than murder.
Yes! It’s a crime. You know, inspiration is a rare commodity.
Do you know the price of it!? It requires sweat and blood.
Why do I say that?!

Inspiration is at the root of all small or great beginnings.

Inspiration is not available in the family or other places.

Inspiration gives the strength one needs to start a journey of millions of miles.

Inspiration is at the core of something that needs massive efforts.

Inspiration is lost and everything is lost.

Life begins and ends with inspiration.

You can discourage someone again and again, and nothing else is needed to kill that individual.

Inspiration breeds inventions.

Inspiration breeds efforts.

Inspiration is what everyone needs. To steal it means killing someone and their dreams.

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