An open letter to those who are thinking of giving up

Life is grey my friend.

My friend by Titus

Hey my friend,

I know you are strong but now you are weak.
Do you know this: Life is not white or black, but grey.

Life is both this and that.
Why are you down, my friend?
You have endured before and you shall overcome this too.

You know, as I write this to you, I can’t deny the fact that I have encountered millions of dark times.

It was not a stranger but my own who betrayed me very often.
It literally killed me. I was devastated several times. I couldn’t arise again.

It was as if a cockroach lying upside down desperately trying to get up and walk. But nothing happened. No miracles.

Only angels in the form of some friends or family came to my rescue.
I am glad I was up again.
So, my friend, relax.

Think not of dying. Dying is not for you. Would you remember once more that you had overcome many times long ago.

Who is strong here? Or who is weak? No one. We are rather a mixup of both.
It’s easy to teach but hard to endure.
I might hear like a guru or a sage but trust me this is not fake.

Keep trying. You are meant to last.
Yours friend,

Hey my give up not by Titus.

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