The number one reason we keep failing in our life and relationship no one talks about.

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Important thing in life by Titus.

Why I say that conquering this one thing is most crucial in life and relationships.

Here I would like to share one thing that shapes a happy life and relationship.

What hinders us even after so much carefully sought life or relationship.

Is it beauty? Education, class, or anything?

I have been trying very hard to improve my life for many years. It took me several years to understand that nothing will work unless we believe in ourselves.

We try our best to succeed in our lives. We try our best to look better, achieve greater social status but we will never succeed unless we have faith in ourselves.

I was very much an introvert since my childhood. I never spoke much. It was not easy to navigate through my life no matter how hard I tried.

I tried improving myself. My parents did what they know. Nothing worked.

I was unsuccessful. I was miserable. I never improved. I always focused on improving myself. My assertiveness did not help.

You see, my friend unless we believe in ourselves who else will?

Believe in yourself. Begin with this. You are an ocean full of precious jewels. Did you know you are not an ordinary.

We must realise that no one believe in us and what we do unless first we do.

Let me suggest few applications,

1. Take a moment and write down your achievements recently.

2. Write about what are your strengths.

3. Ask from your family or friends if you can’t guess.

4. Stop speaking about how weak you are in any given area.

5. Read few good books on finding self confidence.

6. Never compare with others and belittle yourself.

Believe me, friend I have found so late in my life that no one can give you value if we belittle ourselves.

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