6 tactics to survive the messy life and relationship

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Beat that blues by Titus.

I am hopeful in spite of my frustrating situations and behavior of people around.

It sucks. Blood. Yes, to say the least.

Sometimes it kills literally.

Relationship is a dirty business. You look at the surface but later you realize as if your calculations were erroneous.

How do I manage myself, in the middle of this mess sometimes?

1.Taking a break from routine.

Let’s kill the blues by Titus.

2.Watching movies.

3. Reading books.

4. Meditation/prayers.

5. Treating myself

6. Hobbies

7. Going for a walk.

Well, it’s not the solution. It gives great relief though. It depends upon what makes you happy. Use that. It is crucial to keep the sanity of our brain matter.

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