What does the perfect marriage look like? 4 essential qualities of the perfect marriage.

The perfect marriage by Titus.

These are the signs of a perfect marriage,
When both partners

1. Encourage healthy self-acceptance.

One of the key signs of a good marriage is cultivating healthy self- acceptance

The first step towards being a good husband or wife is to accept yourself.

You need to have a good relationship with yourself, before you can expect to have a good relationship with someone else.

2.Set and maintain essential boundaries

Having firm boundaries that are intact and well maintained is one indication of positive marriage fitness.

3.Deal with conflicts in a mature way.

They deal with conflicts as a team. They don’t behave like children.

Both of them don’t care about winning the argument or scoring points.

The perfect marriage by Titus.

4. Have entertainment.

Marriage is perfect when you can have fun together and you look forward to being with your spouse and doing things you enjoy with each other.

They take time to have fun together. It can be going for a walk or going for a movie.

The most important thing is that should bring fun to their lives.

The perfect marriage by Titus.

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