Why is communication in a relationship important?

The communication by Titus.

Why Is Communication In A Relationship Important?

We are a social being. We need communication.

Unless as a couple, we develop in the area of communication we will fail terribly.

The most important thing in a relationship is to communicate with each other daily.

We might be good in all other areas, but if we neglect this it can destroy our relationship.

Why is it said that communication is very important?

Without it,

1. We can’t understand each other’s needs and feelings.

2. We can’t express our own needs and feelings.

3. We can’t effectively resolve conflicts.

4. We fail to build trust and intimacy.

5. We won’t show empathy and compassion for each other.

6. We won’t respect each other’s boundaries.

7. We won’t support each other through tough times.

8. We won’t be able to keep the communication channels open.

9. We would mistrust each other.

10. We would take others for granted.

Now, let us see how we can improve our communication?

How to communicate effectively with your spouse?

It’s imperative that we value the communication part of our relationship.

Here are some precious ways we can drastically improve this,

The way you speak matters by Titus.

1. Deliberately make time for each other each day.

2. Be careful that you listen more than speak.

3. Break the habit of making assumptions.

4. Stop the game of blaming and criticism.

5. Consider your body language, is it aggressive?

6. Learn to use “I” statements rather than “You”.

The love languages by Titus.

7. Consider your tone.

8. Discover what makes each other happy?

9. Learn to be willing to compromise.

10. Discover each other’s love languages.

11. Don’t wear the judge cap.

12. Don’t use rude language.

Speaking lovingly by Titus.

13. Be polite in your conversation.

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