The number one misunderstood question we ask others,”Do you REALLY love me?”

The impact of the answer we receive is undeniable.

The impact by Titus.

The question was, “Do you love me?!”

The answer I was wanting to know from several observations. In the small details, small gestures, eyes contact, smiles, the way of talking etc.

Sadly, I did get the answer. I wish I didn’t ask that.

Of course, it was not asked straightforward verbally but non verbally.

Oh, how I wish I got the answer, “yeah!! I love you.So much.”

The way we often think that it’s the manners or actions that matters.

We guess often that this is what love is. Food on the table, clothes as gifts or lots of blah blah blah… Well, it’s totally misunderstood.

Love is not in these. Definitely. Love is not in the gifts or the conversation around many topics like health or romance etc.

Love is a frequency.It must be emitted in order to be received by someone else. It happens.

We just can know or feel this. Still it can’t be proved.In life or relationship, we are reminded of scores of do’s Or not to do’s.

The reality is different.

Why does the relationship fail? It’s because we think love is doing this and not doing that.

How often the other ones are waiting to hear, “I do love you, more than anything in this world!”

The main thing by Titus.

How do we treat others in spite of sadness or pain or feelings,do we care deeply about the other ones? Are they just a number Or just a partner by some rituals? Or more than that?

This is not about scores of things we do or gifts we throw.Or any other things.

Think about this, “am I really loving or am I just accommodating?”

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