12 golden words that are more precious than Diamond in any relationship.

More precious by Titus.

Golden words that are more precious than Diamond

You know, as we think about our lives and relationships and what makes them or breaks them, we realise that it’s not bigger things that have a huge impact.

Let me clarify, we often think that it’s our sweet talks, romance, expensive gifts that attract or maintain the relationship.

But how often do you think it doesn’t work? Most of the time!

Let me share a few of the most impactful words that really bond our relationship stronger.

Try them, or at least do them a few times and see the effects.

They are as follows,

I love you.

I am proud to be your spouse.

I thank God for you being by my side.

I would be devastated if you would have not met me and accepted me.

You are the only one I value most.
I trust you.

I believe you.

I am here to help you.

No matter what, I won’t leave you.
I am complete with you.

You have turned around my life for good.

No one is such awesome than you.

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