You still can move the mountains!

The greatness inside by Titus Varghese.

Martin Luther, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela had humble beginnings.

No one even dreamt that one day they will leave a timeless impact on the people.

This year 2024,the world needs more such men. Men with iron dedication. Men with hearts like gods.

No matter where, violence and chaos reigns.
We are faced with rising unemployment, unrest, civil wars across the nations.
We all like peace, equality, and solutions to take place.

We want gods to intervene somehow.
Will it happen? Why can’t human beings ask this question to themselves, what on Earth we are born for?

If as human beings, we can’t take a step towards peace, equality or justice are we making insane excuses or are we programmed for destruction?

We can excuse ourselves by putting the blame on other countries, religions, and terrorist organizations. It is easy.

Why not YOU? By Titus Varghese.

Think about slavery that was abolished by American president Abraham Lincoln. Was he rich? Was he more qualified? Or was he just a normal human being with a sense of utmost responsibility towards humankind?

He was sincere, responsible and concerned about human rights violations. He took it as a challenge. He didn’t realize that it could be possible, yet he stood up.

The results were astonishing. He abolished the most inhumane slave practices in those times.

I won’t tell you what you should do or don’t. Who am I to tell you?
To summarize, the world now desperately needs genuine reformers like Abraham Lincoln or Nelson Mandela.

Will you look around, put your legs in other people’s shoes and act on their behalf?
Or will you complain about why God allows evil to triumph?©Titus Varghese

No matter what! By Titus Varghese.

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