11 Commandments of Lasting relationships.

Let me quickly share some crucial elements of lasting relationships.

Let’s find love by Titus.

Listen to this, whether we are smart or not, beautiful or not, lucky or not we are capable of achieving a lasting relationship.

No one is responsible. No one must be judged. You are the hero of your life or journey.

Do you want miracles then do drastically different.

Here are a few precious laws of success in any relationship,

1. Treat with respect or get lost.

2. Become an adult first before a relationship.

3. Stop asking why and start showing how.

4. Speak like a king and get like a king.

5. Kill all giants and behave like humans.

6. Give kisses and get kisses.

7. Believe in a God or a concept of supreme authority.

8. Don’t judge but act like a newcomer.

9. Learn the art of a child.

10. Embrace everything or stay wherever you are now.

11. If you like something open your sweet mouth and appreciate it right there.


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