Israel Or Gaza, blood is no cheap

Not an iota of love by Titus Vargis

Do more do this or

That Ol’ thing

First kill n kill n killing

Then bread of course

Part of the healing.

First kill their cities, towns

All women, boys girls

as in Israel or Gaza

Pull those strings.

Do more of this and this

then that and that

Look around everything

has killed been

Those kids and numerous

women and men.

This side or that side

Let’s play this game.

Sophisticated humanity

Of course

Who is the king?

Who is the Supreme?

Me and me

Gaza or Israel?

No matter how scrutinized

At last every corpse was

Human this side and that side.

Blood is no water

Blood is not cheap.

Gone is gone

Life is gone.

Play this game and

Look who is moron

Of course civilized one.

©Titus Vargis.

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