7 immensely helpful recipes that will make your relationship refreshing always

The journey of a thousand miles by Titus.

Self love I have learned the hard way that unless I love myself I cannot love others. It’s too much for others. Believe me, I have saved myself from many shipwrecks when I practiced this.

Open communication As I have communicated my wants and needs, I have seen tremendous change in my relationship.

Listening. I have begun listening more and I have found it to be very rewarding. This has brought a paradigm shift in my relationship.

Accepting others as they are. This has been my greatest drawback. Time and again, I reminded myself that everyone can’t be like me.

Forgiveness. I have come to realize that relationships are all about imperfections. We need to embrace imperfections.

Saying I am sorry very often. This too had been very hard to follow yet I forced myself to admit my mistakes. I have seen it to be very effective.

Believing my partner no matter what. I have been through many ups and downs. I tried to believe in my relationship. Even though it’s not easy, believing makes the difference.

We are not perfect but believing makes the difference.

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