The strong, the weak and being alive. How can we differentiate?

The wars inside no one cares.

The meaning by Titus vargis.

Life is not hard but impossible.

We say we are developed but look around, how stupid nations are.

How is the state of sanity? Think about Israel, Gaza or Ukraine. How cruel mankind is!

We have sophisticated weapons, machines,excellent killing weapons but for what? To kill.

Who can say, life is dying everyday with the pains of disease, heartbreak, selfish ambitious morons.

We come to live but we face death every day. Life is all about living or learning to live.

Pain is part of life. From birth till our last day we go through it. It can be little mild. It can be monumental. This is life.

The journey of life by Titus vargis.

There is no space devoid of pain.
We teach our kids to live in pain. We take holidays to get away. Alas, we come back to it again.

Maturity is about losing our innocence. It’s losing our transparency.Our child-like trust.Our inborn faith.It’s learning to mistrust your neighbors.Our brothers and sisters.

Life is again, to live not like any animals. It’s living like homo sapiens. To live is to breathe like any living thing.

In order to really live like a human being is totally different. It is to live abundantly.

What’s that? Living abundantly is living for the sake of others in short. It’s not easy. It’s really difficult.

Living with a human at heart.

Living as if everyone matters.

Living as if sharing is important.

Living as if loving is crucial.

Living to wipe other’s tears, sharing the suffering of the poor.

Living to improve the lives around.

Living like that takes more than graduation from university.

Living like that involves rebirth. Being born again.

What is the cause of our pain? Is it God? Really? Did God make us like this?

Is God angry? What if we are the cause of our own suffering?

Half of our pains are given birth by our selfishness. Our jealousy. Our Unforgiveness. Our desires to grab everything from everyone.

As far as human desires are concerned, we have not tamed it. We have not learned to stop our cruelty. We keep on amassing our possessions. We have termed it development.

In the name of development, we have killed different species of plants and animals. We have developed advanced weapons. Thus we are concerned only about us and us and us. ‘Them’ is not important.

Religion is used as a weapon. It could have been used to be more humble, loving and unselfish. Look, how far we have killed in the name of gods.

Going against the animal instinct is human. To live is not just living for the self but for others. To live is to forgive no matter what. Forgiveness is the hallmark. Without it, we are a beast.

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