Are you joking? Do you think men can be abused?!

The other side of the narrative.

Listening the stories by Titus Vargis

Well,this is the most common reply when you say that your relationship is doomed,and the reason is your better half is abusing you,and that is a woman.

Seriously,it never seems alright that any strong,macho man can ever be abused.
Physically a man is much stronger than a woman.

So,how in the world can a woman abuse her man in a relationship or not?!
It can be done thousands of ways like emotional Blackmailing and various vicious ways.

She knows how to get away even though she is behaving like a moron.

She can get away and tell others stories of crooked fabrication.
She knows very well that if I can tell more vividly about my fabricated narratives, anyone will believe it.

Of Course,a man cannot do that.
She can kill a man in thousands of ways,like shouting,complaining,abusive language etc

A man is not weak though physically and he can seriously harm if he gets angry.

But when a woman gets angry she can incorporate millions of attacks from her arsenal.
People are awesome in the sense that they natively trust any woman telling any stories.

Here,I am not saying that women don’t tell the truth. She might be abused too. But when a man is getting abused he has no proof to show it to the world.

How can a man show that his partner is day and night blackmailing him? No way.
This is the crucial question one needs to ask before coming into any judgment.

You see,we can only see the physical scars or wounds but not emotional ones.

It’s very important that we act fair.
It’s always important that both men and women are treated fairly.

No one must be abused
There are serious implications of emotional abuse.
Suicides can result from such abuse.

The question is will we ever tolerate any kind of abuse? No. If you are fair enough then all kinds of abuse is still abuse. It need not be physical.
Hundreds of men are abusive and they do all kinds of physical harm.
In the same way,hundreds of men are abused too.
In a Society,where freedom of speech and behavior is followed,no one must break someone’s right to be safe.
The crucial thing is to assure everyone that freedom must not be confused with abuse.
All forms of abuse is violence.
Violence in words and behavior is a violation of human dignity.
No one must be given freedom to the extent of violating someone else’s dignity and sanity.

Fairness or not by Titus Vargis

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