5 Hard truths life has taught me over the years the hard way.

Truth really sets you free.

  1. No one is going to push you for ever.Some of them might guide you for some time.Some of them might support you occasionally.But the ultimate truth is that you are alone in this journey of life.
  2. Pain is a catalyst.Without pain you won’t go so far.Pain is an integral part of growing.We need to embrace pain.Get used to it.As long as there is growth, there will be pain.
  3. You are your own worst critic. Many times others may criticize you.Others may say bad things about you.Still they will not be your worst critics.It’s your criticism of yourself that kills the most.Beware of yourself. 
  4. Leap of faith is a steady process.You cannot be an overnight sensation. Often we think that luck favors some and they become the victors.Most of the times,success is not an overnight journey. It’s a long long steady process.
  5. You need to have faith in yourself. To begin any journey, one must be full of faith.Faith in the vision one has.Faith in the journey one is going to take.Have faith in your abilities. You will get through it.If others could you too will do it.

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