Hey,You are not the Saviour!

The real thing that wrecks you and me.

Hey man,

You are not the Savior

Just a man!

You put the blame

take advantage of all sorts.

you have the might

and cocktail of Power,

influence deadly desire.

you think you are

right absolutely right.

Did you see

your own child crying

when alone?

Or your

mother begging for

bread and milk?

Perhaps,you Are Rich

or super Rich Sort of.

You realize

I am Immortal

Once you look at

your child and mother,

don’t you suffer

when they cry out

of pain?

don’t you

put your games

on hold if they

beseech you for help?

Hey man,don’t you know

the sons,daughters

you push down

commit atrocities

of civilized morons

just like that.

you take away

their pride

self respect

you kill rape,


take away their land.

Hey man,

You are a parasite

and perhaps

the demon.© Titus Vargis

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