What keeps you defeated?

Sometimes we don’t look around and find what keeps us from being an overcomer.
We might be looking at bigger things that is keeping us from achieving.
But it need not be bigger things but smaller things or insignificant things.
Life has taught me that some of the things that keeps me defeated are:
1. My thoughts of past hurts and people who have hurt me.
2. My habit of not forgiving. Many times in order to achieve greater things We must leave aside our past.
3. My opinion about myself based on my past experiences.
4. My unrealistic expectations about future.We expect overnight success. But it doesn’t happen like that.
5. My constant comparison with others. Many times we constantly compare ourselves with others. This keeps us defeated.
6. Negative self talks. We self talk negatively and keep ourselves in the pit of darkness.
These things keep us stuck forever in our defeated states.
We must be kinder to ourselves and treat more lovingly.

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