Hey! We might me so good but still we can unknowingly stand with the criminals!

The day we are silent is the day we are wrong in most cases.

The underlying problem of US by Titus Vargis.

“When We Keep Quiet” what really can go wrong?

“When we choose to remain silent on the violence and injustice that is done to the vulnerable, we are indirectly supporting that crime.”

How often we blame government, presidents,religion or society for the violence and cruelties.

We blame everyone and we know what we are doing.
We are 100% sure of our views.
We seem like little gods on earth.We claim to know all the answers.

But do we realise that part of the existing problems around us is us?
Yes,you heard it right.

We may not be violent,cruel,corrupt,greedy or a thief yet we can be committing serious crimes or promoting them.

How? By remaining silent.Silent when women are mistreated, children are abused,corruption happening right in front of our eyes,human rights getting violated,cruelty happening all around us.
Well,when we choose to remain silent we take sides with the person who is committing the crime.

Lets be loud! Lets speak up! Lets stand up for the ones who cannot for themselves.

I believe when we do our part,world will surely be a better place to live in.
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©Titus Vargis.

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